Sergio Lub Bracelet Sol 323M- (No Magnets)

Sergio Lub Bracelet Sol 323M- (No Magnets)

Sergio Lub
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A nod to the Ancient Roman Sun God whose mythological blazing path from day to night, brings warmth and brightness to our every day. At the center of our Solar System, the Sun symbolizes inner strength, as this energy giving life force sustains all life to thrive and grow.

We individually handcraft each of our bracelets in our Northern California Studios.
Our bracelets are adjustable and designed to be worn continuously, aging gracefully as they last for years.  

Pure Copper – The red/pink-ish metal found in many of our bracelets.

Jewelers’ Brass – The golden metal we use is an alloy (mixture of metals) containing approximately 85% pure copper and 15% zinc, another essential trace mineral for the human body.

German Silver – German Silver is the primary white metal we use. It is an alloy of 65% pure copper mixed with zinc and nickel.

Small - For wrists up to 6" in diameter
* Common children’s size, & for a petite size wrist…

edium - For wrists 6" to 7" in diameter
For most Women, and some Men of medium build...

arge - For wrists 7" to 8" in diameter 
* Most common Men’s size, & also for a more voluptuous lady.

arge - For an 8"+ diameter wrist