Fine Jewelry in Occidental, CA

Galleria offers a wide selection of beautiful and unique jewelry pieces, perfect as a gift or for your own personal collection. 

Take your pick from our collections of fine jewelry, sterling silver, gold fill, Firefly, antique button jewelry, and more! From necklaces to bracelets, to earrings, you can have the perfect piece–or even entire collections–to wear. 

Fine Jewelry in Occidental, CA 

Uniquely Crafted for You 

Make a lasting impression with statement pieces, like delicately designed earrings, chunky African spiral bracelets, and gorgeous gems and stones set in daring necklace pieces. 

If your preference leans more toward simple statement pieces, you can go to our fine jewelry selection. Here, you can find 14K white gold hoop earrings, yellow gold necklaces, as well as pearl necklaces. 

We also have a variety of choices for custom-designed pieces for that one-of-a-kind item that will set you apart from the rest. 

Meanwhile, we also have a sterling silver collection for those of you who prefer the subtle shine of this metal. We also have pendants, apart from the earrings and bracelets exquisitely crafted for your wear. 

As for our Firefly collection, you can look forward to bold, architectural jewelry designs that will make your outfit stand out. Whether you wear it with plain, muted colors, or incorporate it into an already colorful ensemble, pieces from this collection will still be able to shine through on their own. 

 Fine Jewelry in Occidental, CA

Antique is Unique

Adding to our always interesting inventory is antique button jewelry. From drop earrings to elaborate bracelets, to classic pendants and chain necklaces, you can start and grow your collection of these one-of-a-kind accessories. 

Wear them as statement pieces along with your modern fashion for that fashionable contrast. Or you can keep your ensemble simple and classic with a tailored fit, accentuated by antique jewelry. They’re sure to be eye-catching and conversation starters, so find the one that you can call your own.

Whatever your mood, personality, or fashion style may be, you can be sure to find jewelry that will be the perfect accessory. 

 Fine Jewelry in Occidental, CA

And More Jewelry Pieces to Choose From!

That’s not the entire collection we offer at Galleria! There’s more for you to see and choose from, so we highly encourage you to come and explore what else we have in our store. We’re more than happy to cater to your inquiries, so contact us in Occidental, CA today!