Hand Crafted Baltic Amber And Silver Bracelet

Hand Crafted Baltic Amber And Silver Bracelet

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Baltic Amber is an organic material that is derived from fossil resins. It dates from 44 million years ago and it's estimated that there more than 100,000 tons of amber around the world.

As the atmosphere warmed, trees began to exude large quantities of Resin. Amber, according to scientists, is a fossil pine resin that has oxidized to a solid-state.

Amber isn't a mineral, because it has an organic origin and no internal atom structure. Though all specimens are presumed to be fossilized tree resin, the composition of amber varies greatly depending on the botanical source.

What makes Baltic amber unique compared to other ambers around the globe is that it contains high levels of succinic acid which has anti-inflammatory abilities.

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2 1/2" x 2" Opening