Hand Crafted Bali Style Garnet Earrings Set In Sterling Silver Media 1 of 1

Hand Crafted Bali Style Garnet Earrings Set In Sterling Silver

Phillip Charles Designs
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  • Meaning: Garnet, known as the pomegranate stone, is revered for its connections to creativity and love, symbolizing courage and positive thinking, especially through its historical narratives from Noah's Ark to Ancient Greece's tale of Persephone.
  • Healing Properties: The healing properties of Garnet are extensive, offering physical healing by enhancing sexual energy, flushing out toxins, and improving circulation, alongside mental and emotional healing by fostering self-confidence, nurturing relationships, and promoting a positive outlook.
  • Protection: Garnet serves as a protective talisman for travelers and is believed to bring light and hope, akin to its mythical representation as the only light on Noah's Ark.
  • Usage:Usage of Garnet spans from being adorned as jewelry to being placed in homes or offices to boost creativity, sexual energy, and harmony, and it's also utilized in Feng Shui and reiki healing practices.
  • Care:To care for your Garnet crystal, cleanse it with soapy water, ensuring it's not too hot, rinse well, dry completely, and recharge it by placing it on a cluster of rock crystals or exposing it to sunlight for a short period.
  • 1"x 1/4"