antique button ring, blue rectangle leo popper glass

Antique Button Ring, Blue Rectangle Leo Popper Glass

Elizabeth Ngo
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Leo Popper Glass buttons set in sterling silver rings. Innovative glass making for this period. Leo Popper & Sons operated for 91 years as manufacturers of glass in New York City. He came to New York from Austria in the late 1800s and started a Button glass factory. It was Leo Popper who supplied the glass for the Statue of Liberty’s replacement torch(damaged in the Black Tom Explosion in 1916) Leo Popper was a very innovative glass maker for his time.  Gorgeous veins of silver run through his colorful buttons creating a unique look to his glass.

The firm of Leo Popper & Sons was one that made buttons and ornaments from both black and colored glass. Their glass is in such well-known edifices as The Cathedral of St. John the divine and Washington Cathedral. They also made glass for L.C. Tiffany and others who worked in iridescent glass in that period.

Sterling Silver Setting and Band

Size 7.5