kristen wells i wish i was

Kristen Wells I wish I was

Kristen Wells
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Early one morning when out for a stroll, Cruz the coyote overhears some very strange things. His neighbor the bear is wishing he was a rabbit, 'cause when she wants a carrot she just has to grab it.' His friend the pig is wishing he was a possum, 'cause she has a tail that is totally awesome!' In this delightful new twist on, 'the grass is always greener', Kristen Wells and Omega DiStefano use rich watercolors and rhyme to remind kids that we all have something uniquely special that others can see, but we sometimes forget.

About the Author

Kristen Wells spent twenty five years working as a singer songwriter before she turned her writing talents to children's books. She is the author of seven picture books, including 'Hippo Hippo Hurray!' and 'Wobble, Squabble, Gobble', as well as more than a dozen rhyming treasure hunts.