carlos laate zuni pot

Carlos Laate Zuni Pot

Gordon Letterman
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  • Renowned Potter from Zuni Pueblo
  • Known for Traditional Zuni Motifs and Owl Figurines
  • Traditional Clay Pottery and Figurines

Carlos began making pottery around 1987, and also crafts jewelry and carvings. His destiny as an artist was almost certain, as his mother was a jeweler, his father a carver, leatherworker, and welder, and his grandmother and aunt renowned potters Daisy Hooee and Jennie Laate.

Carlos looks to ancient pots found in museums, and potsherds found while walking near his Zuni home, to inspire the designs of his work. It was his grandparents who explained the meanings behind the images he found. “What they taught me was that all the designs that are on the pot are the prayers we use in our daily lives – to have a good life, to have a successful life, and asking for longevity.”


Circa 1993 

6 3/4" x 8"