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delicious home made whipped cream in less than 1 minute!
Make a delicious home made whipped cream in less than one minute with Creazy shaker. You just have to pour in the jar heavy whipping cream following the measurement indicators on the jar. Add a few sugar and put the three Creazy silicone balls inside to whip the cream. Shake the jar less than one minute! You won’t need electricity and will get a delicious whipped cream. Store it easily in the jar putting it in your fridge.


No whipped cream spray nor food processor… Just use you arms strength! 


The Creazy silicone balls, an invention by Cookut
Made of silicone without BPA nor PFOA, they last forever and their dodecahedral shape helps the cream to be whipped in a very short time.


Firm and tasty whipped cream
You will get a perfect home made whipped cream texture, different from the usual whipped cream spray full of food preservative.