shupaca alpaca stuffed animal - hen 16"

Shupaca Alpaca Stuffed Animal - Hen 16"

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This endearing Alpaca Stuffed Hen features a soft, furry texture that gives it a cuddly, huggable body. A red comb and wattle accent its feathery flair, while adding a bright touch to its appearance. Made from 100% natural alpaca fleece, this hypoallergenic stuffed animal will make the perfect addition to a room embellished with farm décor, or a fun and adorable way to bring the rustic appeal of the farm indoors.

A farm animal you can cuddle! This Alpaca Stuffed Hen is made from 100% alpaca fiber
handmade by Peruvian artisans. It’s a cute and super-soft way to bring the excitement of the farm indoors.

(Please note, unless color is specified, we will send our choice of colors. If specification is made we will do our best to accommodate depending on available. Colors will vary from photos)

(These items have not been tested for childrens safety and are not recommended for children)

MATERIAL - 100% Baby Alpaca 
CARE - Spot wash with mild detergent