Peruvian Hand Made Folk Art -Nativity Candle Holder- Mountain

Peruvian Pottery Hand Made Folk Art -Nativity Candle Holder- Mountain

Ole Peru
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The celebration of CHRISTMAS became an important Holiday after the 1400's and it is represented by classic Peruvian daily life animals, tools and basic important food for the people of Peru.

Talented crafters represented in the traditional Peruvian setting Mary and Joseph to worship the newborn Christ child.  Crafted in ceramic and finely painted by hand, it celebrates Christmas in the Peruvian Way.

A cultural tradition left by the Spaniard’s Colonists to the Incasand it is preserved until this day. This gift is for anyone special you care about; in addition, that is part of a history because it is dated to the 1400 hundreds.

7" x 4" Two Piece