little critterz great white shark

Little Critterz Great White Shark

Little Critterz
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  • PRODUCT DIMENSION: APPROXIMATELY 1.5 " x 1.7" or 3.8 cm x 4.5 cm (Height and Length ize varies by animal)
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP OF FIGURINE: Little Critterz figurines are carefully and painstakingly crafted by our artisans. We use artist carvers to study and form each animal, followed by a mold making process focussed on how best the figurine will be represented. And finally we select and mix the best porcelain we can find, using specialized brushes in the application of the glaze and details.
  • UNIQUE AND COLLECTIBLE DESIGN: Each Critter is unique- made by hand, baked in a kiln, and created for your pleasure. We celebrate the differences of each animal as we celebrate the differences between each of us. Our figurines are meant to be collectibles or gifts; celebrations of friendship, marvelling at the detail of the work, and enjoying the uniquness of each animal.