natural celestite crystal

Natural Celestite Crystal

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Science & Origin of Celestite

Celestite, also known as Celestine, is a common strontium sulfate mineral that forms within certain geodes. Celestite crystallizes as small prismatic shards that are usually transparent. These shards are very fragile and often break off with very little force from the fingers. The colors of Celestite range from white, grey, green, orange, yellow, brown, and blue. This mineral was first discovered in 1799 by A.G. Werner and named from the Latin word “coelestis”, meaning “heavenly or celestial”. Most of the Celestite on the market today is from Madagascar. These specimens are very pale in color and are often greyer than they are blue. You will be able to notice immediately when going to purchase this stone the wide range of quality and price points.

5"x 3 3/4"